Step 3 - Install Aluminum Valley LinerAFD are the only supplier in South Africa who sell aluminium valley liner in pre-packed , bar coded sizes ranging from 5 meters in length to 40 meters.
These are machine rolled, measured and cut , with each meter embossed for ease of any further cutting that may be required by the end user.
Retailers thus receive the advantage by eliminating the need to cut the product in-house which avoids costly labour and wastage of material through off-cuts and scrap.
The bar coded rolls can be easily stored on the retailers shelves and scanned for both receipt and resale.
We also offer make to order lengths in excess of 40 meters to suit our customers requirements.
The product is available in 450mm and 600mm widths.

aluminium valley liner


The aluminium is of the highest quality and conforms to SABS 021 standards of at least 99% purity and of thickness between 0,56 – 0,90mm.
This product is ideal for use in the coastal regions where galvanic corrosion takes place due to marine atmosphere.
AFD offers expert advice in the application and use of this product.
AFD distributes throughout South Africa and endeavours to supply within 48 hours of order placement.
Continuity of supply is guaranteed.


Install Guide for Aluminum Valley